Eric Garcia, EG Structural Founder and Artist with his tulsa route 66 sign piece sculpture artists

Inspirations: How Life and Sculpture Artists Inspire EG Structural

The foundation of every large-scale art project is the desire to tell a story. Much like public art itself, sculpture artists have a unique story of their own. Eric Garcia, EG Structural’s founder, and artist, has a strong passion for the arts and elevates every private commission piece to the next level. But, where did the passion begin and what is driving him today?

EG Structural constructs public art installations that invoke a response. We capture the unique qualities of a community and memorialize them through fine art. Read our blog post below to learn about Eric’s journey and what led him to start EG.

It Started in New Mexico…

Eric Garcia was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico surrounded by beauty. From the mountains and foliage that encompass the town to the incredible amount of art; there was always something that caught his eye.  There’s a reason why artists like Andrew Dansburg, Randall Davey, Will Shuster, and most famously, Georgia O’Keefe; called Santa Fe home. The city as we know it owes its identity to the creative minds that helped shape its community and continue to influence the artistic passions of its residents. 

Naturally, Eric’s passion for art started with a love for the craft and how it empowers an emotional response from its viewer. He started as a fine artist who focused on painting and sketching but turned his attention to sculpting after seeing/meeting a variety of Santa Fe sculpture artists. Shortly after he started designing small-scale pieces that incorporated bronze and plaster. 

Allan Houser Demanded Attention Through Minimalist Designs

One of the many sculpture artists that inspired Eric was Allan Houser, an acclaimed sculptor whose work is featured in museums, private, and corporate collections around the world. He is one of the most renowned Native American and Modernist sculptors of the 20th century.

Eric explained, “I am amazed to this day about how simple his sculpture pieces were, and how they still hold a powerful message in their design. He took minimalistic styling to a whole new level and it just really resonated with me,” he continues, “he was a huge part of why I got into sculpting.”

Michael Naranjo Doesn’t Just Create Art, He Creates an Experience

Another sculpture artist that has influenced Eric tremendously is the Native American sculptor, Michael Naranjo. Raised in Taos, New Mexico; Michael was surrounded by art and was drawn to it naturally through his mother. He would eventually lose his sight during combat in the Vietnam War, but it did not stop his love for creating art. 

Naranjo once said, “Being blind makes the pace of life slower; you can’t walk fast or grab things quickly. Life is more gentle and soft and the change brought my creative energies out.” This mindset is not only seen in his sculpture pieces but it is also felt. Viewers are strongly encouraged to interact with his art by closing their eyes and simply feeling it as if they were in Naranjo’s shoes.  

Virgil Ortiz: A Childhood Friend and Impressive Inspiration  

Virgil Ortiz is a jack of all trades. A sculptor, a potter, fine artist, and fashion designer; but to Eric, he’s a good friend. Virgil’s style is heavily influenced by traditional Native American patterns and aesthetics while incorporating intricate freeform designs that make his work truly stand out. 

“When you see one of Virgil’s pieces, you instantly know it’s one of his. His style is truly unique and he has such a way of bringing his thoughts and ideas to life with abstract designs.” Eric explains further, “it’s something as an artist we strive for and I am so proud to see Virgil achieve what he has.” 

EG Structural Are Creative Sculpture Artists That Empower Communities

For over 25 years, EG Structural has been on a mission to create private commission work that evokes a response from community members. Whether we’re developing creative wayfinding designs or large-scale sculpture pieces, we always look for ways to shine a light on our clients’ identities. Contact us today to learn how we can highlight your unique background.

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