Village of Los Lunas – Gateway Monument

Los Lunas, NM


2 Gateway signs on I-25 and Interstate 6 (post-Route 66) overpass/underpass painting and structure attached to bridge, and a 22-foot sculpture with lighting.
Eric Garcia grew up in Los Lunas, NM and so our focus was to create an icon that best represented the small yet very progressive community, which is located 20 miles south of Albuquerque, NM. Our unforgettable cottonwood tree represents the Bosque/Rio Grande and family roots.

Creating a Brand Identity That Resonates.
The original concept for the Village of Los Lunas project was to create a brand identity that highlights the unique Los Lunas, New Mexico community. We soon realized this incredible town needed a welcome sign that commemorates its special place along I-25. Once we designed the welcome sign, the economic development leaders applied for federal funding and it quickly became a beautification initiative.

Our Goals for the Village of Los Lunas Signage.
  • Visually capture the culture of the community
  • Attract travelers off the main highway
  • Assist in Economic Growth
A Concept That Symbolizes Growth in Los Lunas.
EG Structural’s founder, Eric Garcia, grew up in the Village of Los Lunas, so he personally knew what made this town unique. To highlight the small yet very progressive community, he incorporated a cottonwood tree into its design to represent the area’s bosque trees. Additionally, the monument is meant to represent the Village’s deep historic and family roots.

Overcoming Design and Construction Obstacles.
Since we were constructing signage that sat alongside I-25, we worked closely with the New Mexico Department of Transportation on timing details of installation. This involved coordinating lane closures, making sure we’re not disrupting traffic, and installing the monument safely amongst commuters.

Also, because the off-ramp was elevated, the foundation was not a natural landscape. This required soil testing to determine the depth and strength of the base. With this information, we were successful in placing a counterweight to the 22-foot high monument.

What These Welcome Signs Achieve for The Village of Los Lunas
When the project was finally completed, we received tremendous feedback from the Village. As part of the beautification project, the community finally had a landmark that represented their rich history in a simple, unique way.

Since the community branding and beautification project, several companies have set up facilities around Los Lunas. Companies like Facebook, Niagara, and PNR Solar, are further progressing and enriching the town’s identity and economy.