About EG Structural

Every Place Has a Story, Our Mission Is To Design It.

EG Structural was founded on the principle of creating functional public art that exhibits the identity behind the communities and commercial properties where they are located. We work closely with organizations on private commission sculpture pieces that reflect their unique stories and stimulate economic growth.

Our Process:

After receiving written directives from interested parties, we conduct extensive research to identify unique features and absorb the community’s rich history. This information is then used to conceptualize and design sculpture pieces that reflect the client’s extraordinary background. Then we share these concepts with the client before construction to ensure everything is approved. Once the final designs are approved and placement for the structure(s) has been set, EG Structural moves forward. We work with our skilled professionals to forge the final product.

Meet the Founder
and Artist Behind
EG Structural

The foundation of every public art project is the desire to craft a story through visual design. Eric Garcia, EG Structral’s founder and artist, conceptualizes and designs sculpture pieces that capture the individuality and excellence in each community and commercial property. Whether we’re commissioned to design sculpture pieces, wayfinding, or monument relics, we strive to create timeless landmarks that inspire an emotional response and gain public interest.
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