Tulsa – Route 66 Rising

Tulsa, OK


Tulsa Route 66 Monument – Tulsa’s largest public art relic.
After several concepts were provided to the City of Tulsa, a unanimous vote selected our “Route 66 Emerging” sign. Inspired by how the Old Route, which was a symbol of hope during the Oklahoma dust bowl.

Get Your Kicks on Route 66.
Route 66 is an iconic stretch of highway that embodies the heart and soul of American history. When the City of Tulsa sent out a public art RFP to construct a monument along the route, EG Structural was excited to jump at the opportunity to highlight the city and the highway’s deep American roots.

We Pushed the Boundaries to Honor Tulsa’s History. The design objective was to commemorate the “father of Route 66”, Cyrus Avery, and the highway’s rich history. Settled where Avery’s tourist and service station once stood, our design incorporated several features, like lighting fixtures, counter-weights, etc. Additionally, since the structure would be located in the middle of a round-about, we designed the monument to be appreciated from every angle.

Challenges We Faced on the Tulsa Public Art Project.
If you’ve ever been to Tulsa, you know the city endures a range of severe weather conditions. In partnership with custom fabrication professionals, we designed our structure to withstand 100 mph winds, as well as winter storms and other harsh conditions. Each loop of the structure weighs 7,000 to 10,000 pounds to counteract the city’s inclement weather. Furthermore, we installed a baffle plate that acts as a perforating system which makes it possible to withstand strong winds and the structure’s own weight.  We also had to be aware of the area’s lighting restrictions as the structure resides in the landing direction of the Tulsa airport. EG Structural worked closely with city officials and federal aviation guidelines to ensure the lighting would enhance the sculpture and maintain the safety of the planes overhead.

The Success of Our Tulsa Route 66 Monument.
Since its construction, our Tulsa Route 66 landmark has become an icon for the city and the historic highway. With its massive loops and magnificent design, It attracts locals and Route 66 enthusiasts to admire its grand scale. This project has been one of our greatest honors and further highlights how public art plays a critical role in a community’s economy and beautification.
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