Life-size ideas become reality

Life-size ideas become reality

Public Art and Wayfinding Helps Create Community Identity

If you’ve ever traveled to a new city or explored a revitalized neighborhood, you may notice a tremendous emphasis on art and its role in the area’s beautification. According to Americans for the Arts, it builds community identity by humanizing the environment by bringing public spaces to life. EG Structural sets out to achieve that level of craftsmanship when we design our eloquent sculpture pieces.

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A portrait of Eric Garcia sitting inside the ON Advertising EG Structural Office

Meet The Founder and Artist Behind EG Structural

The foundation of every public art project is the desire to craft a story through visual design. Eric Garcia, EG Structral’s founder and artist, conceptualizes and designs sculpture pieces that capture the individuality and excellence in each community and commercial property. Whether we’re commissioned to design sculpture pieces, wayfinding, or monument relics, we strive to create timeless landmarks that inspire an emotional response and gain public interest.
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