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What is Custom Fabrication?

Metal fabrication is a broad term that encompasses the entire process of building anything from raw metal materials. This means everything from cutting and shaping to the final assembly. But, to create a piece that meets your structural needs, you need custom fabrication services to truly make it your own. 

EG Structural is looking to change how people perceive public art by creating incredible art installations and brand identities that excite the public. However, our mission would amount to nothing without the strong expertise of the custom fabrication professionals we partner with. Read our blog post below to learn what exactly they do and how they play an important role in the public art community. 

What Do Custom Fabrication Professionals Do?

Metal fabrication contractors use manual tools alongside machinery to create metal objects or structures by bending, cutting, and assembling various metal materials. They work very closely with their clients on what they are looking for and determining the best course of action in how to achieve their vision.  When working on our projects, custom fabrication experts will examine our conceptual designs and strategically figure out what needs to be done to craft its shape and scale. 

What Can You Create with Custom Fabrication?

We’re not exaggerating when saying that they can pretty much create anything. Whether you’re looking to build beautiful railings for your staircase or construction equipment parts for your project, they are proficient at the job. They’ll be able to stretch metal materials to meet the dimensions of your project. Additionally, they can use sectional metals such as I-beams, Z shapes, hollow structural sections, and bars and rods for each unique project. 

8 Steps in the Custom Fabrication Process

According to Reinke & Schomann, Inc., the average metal fabrication expert will encompass some or all of the following steps in their project.

  1. Cutting
  2. Forming
  3. Welding
  4. Machining
  5. Punching
  6. Shearing
  7. Stamping
  8. Casting

The process may seem strenuous, but it’s a very important process that ensures your structure takes shape. Without the expertise of fabrication professionals and their 8 step process, our works such as our Mesa Del Sol and Tulsa Route 66 signs would not be possible.

How to Choose a Fabricator

Choosing the right custom fabrication shop that will meet your project needs is probably the most important decision you can make. It can affect every aspect of projects like the manufacturing rate, production quality, and cost-effectiveness. Additionally, it can even affect when the project will be completed. Some things to consider when bringing on a fabricator includes:

  • Experience: Just like with any job you need done, you want an experienced team working on your project. This will ensure you’re getting quality work that meets your standards.
  • Industries served: It’s also helpful to pick a custom fabrication team that is used to working in your industry or on projects of your scale. Some shops will specialize in one or two types of fabrication, while others may work with a wide variety of businesses.
  • Resources: Many fabrication shops use a variety of materials and tools to build incredible structures. When searching for the right team for your project, you may consider what materials, machinery, and tools they have on hand to get the job done.
  • Stock materials: Another important aspect to consider when choosing your fabrication shop is if they already have or can form the specific metal to your project needs. If they have a metal supplier, you may consider looking into them as well to check into their reputation.

EG Structural Works With Many Incredible Custom Fabrication Experts

EG Structural is fortunate to have partnered with several wonderful individuals to design public art that highlights their unique communities. We combine intense research, strong conceptual design, custom fabrication, and engineering expertise to develop landmarks that inspire engagement. We help build an identity that exhibits what it means to be a part of a community. 

Contact us today to learn about our expertise and how we can help boost your identity.

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