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What Goes Into Making Exciting Sculpture Pieces?

Being a part of the public art process is one of the most exciting, rewarding things an artist can do. It helps beautify and unite communities by developing sculpture pieces that represent the soul of a city. 

At EG Structural, we’ve assisted municipalities in developing large-scale art sculptures that become a part of their beautification plan and a part of their identity. Here is what we’ve seen with the projects that we’ve been a part of. Read our blog post below to learn what exactly goes into creating these large-scale art pieces.

Figuring Out What Sculpture Pieces You Might Want

The first step on your public art journey is figuring out what exactly you want. When we work with clients, we typically ask them questions about what they had in mind. Then we conduct our own research about their community to understand the true soul of their identity. Additionally, it’s important to figure out what kinds of goals you want to achieve with these sculpture pieces. 

Such as:

  • Do you want to develop a gathering place?
  • Create easily understandable wayfinding signs?
  • Construct intricate street furniture (i.e. benches, tables, tree grates)?

Whatever you decide, you must provide your public artist with as much information as possible. This way we can determine the full scope of what you’re looking for and create something truly unique to your community.

Where Do You Want to Place Your Sculpture Pieces?

Another important part of the public art process is determining where you’d like to place your art. Where will the art make the most impact in your community? 

You never want to place it in an area that’s less frequently visited or an area where it’d be hard to see. You want to choose a spot that will synergize with the art to efficiently resonate with pedestrians. 

Some sites you may consider include:

  • A major entryway into your neighborhood
  • A well-lit area of your park
  • A new community center 
  • An up-and-coming or revitalized area
  • A bus stop or light rail station

The possibilities are endless. Going back to figuring out what you might be looking for, it would be good to let your public artist know the location you have in mind. This way they can determine the appropriate sizing and consider lighting when conceptualizing ideas for your sculpture pieces. 

Determine the Budget and Secure Funding

Money is what makes the world go round, and that’s very true when it comes to public art. Depending on the scope of your project, you can expect to spend big even on what you deem “simple projects”. That’s why before you even get started working with a public artist, you need to determine the budget you have to work with. Oftentimes, this involves a tremendous amount of research on your end. Then once you have the budget set, it’s important to figure out where the money will be coming from.

The Creative Process Begins…

Once everything has been set, we begin developing sculpture pieces based on everything you’ve provided. We will use your input on what you’re looking for to begin the creative process. During our initial discussions, we’ll inform you on how we manage the creative process such as conceptual designs, research, mock-ups, and software designs.

Once we have approval on the design, we’ll inform you of the companies we’ve worked with, where custom fabrication comes into play, and how we’ll bring all the pieces together to create your private art commissions. Once everything is forged, we’ll work with you to discuss how sculpture pieces will be installed on your property without creating a dysfunctional environment.

EG Structural Creates Sculpture Pieces That Beautify Communities

At EG Structural we have a passion for creating projects that inspire. We create timeless public art projects that embody the spirit of our clients and their community. Whether they’re a corporate entity or a municipality, we see what makes them special and design an open-air sculpture piece that highlights their exceptionality. 

If your organization is looking for a private commission sculpture piece, contact EG Structural today and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible!

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