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The Shuttlecock public art installation outside of the Nelson-Atkin's Art Museum in Kansas city

The Power Public Art Installations Has On Your Community

Public spaces and marketplaces are incredibly vital in every community. Without them, our communities would be dull and without character. One way cities and towns strive to build an engaging public space and drive people towards marketplaces is through public art installations. Art plays a critical role in the beautification projects, and further builds an identity unique to the cities and neighborhoods they reside. 

Whether you’re a community space or a company, we believe you have a story. At EG Structural, it is our mission to bring it to life. We’re founded on the principle that functional public art can exhibit the incredible identity behind the communities and commercial properties where they stand. The power public art has on our communities is tremendous and that is why we’ve made this article – to highlight how it enriches our communities and drives our economy.

Public Art Installations Promote Interaction

According to Marquette University, public art is usually based on “shared meanings between the artist and the community, and consists of actions or works executed on behalf of the community as a whole”. This allows the community to create symbols associated with their spaces, creating an enjoyable and valuable experience for people who interact with the installation. 

Look at public art installations like The Cloud Gate in Chicago or the LOVE sculpture in Philadelphia. These installations are highly interactive in the fact that they attract locals and tourists to engage with them. If you ever visit these incredible sculpture pieces, you’ll see thousands of people a day taking photos of the art, tour guides explaining their meaning, and admire its sheer magnificence. 

Public Art Captivates The Youth of Our Community

Another way public art installations play a critical role in our community’s prosperousness is by connecting with the youth. Engaging them has several benefits. One is that it brings adults into the picture and influences them to engage with the art and area as well. The other is that it builds an identity and appreciation for one’s neighborhood and city early on.

An employee of EG Structural who grew up in Kansas City, Missouri, reflects on one of the city’s most popular public art installations, “one of my favorite sculpture pieces is easily the Shuttlecocks in front of the Nelson-Atkins Museum. As a child, it captured my imagination and was always a must-see when I’d walk through the park. Now that I am an adult I look upon the art fondly and every time I think of them, it’s like a trip back to my hometown.”

Public art installations are an incredible tool to build appreciation for one’s home. As seen by our employee, it allows us to reminisce and transports us back to the places we love. As public artists, that’s something we strive for in almost every project we undertake. 

Public Art Installations Provide Social Value and Placemaking

As its name suggests, public art is uniquely accessible to almost all community members and passersby. It enables people to experience art in their daily lives and drives engagement. It encourages people to pay attention and perceive more deeply the environment they occupy. Also, public art stimulates learning and thought about our society and what it truly means to be part of a community.

Additionally, public art installations promote collaboration. The process typically asks the artist to collaborate with many community members throughout the project’s development. As a result, it builds a sense of shared ownership and collective connection to the sculpture piece. It becomes more than just a large-scale art project, it becomes a community energizer. 

EG Structural Forges Ideas into Reality

The foundation of every large-scale art project is the desire to craft a story through visual design. Public art installations call for a strong vision, well-executed design, and experience custom fabrication to turn ideas into reality. At EG Structural, it is our mission to create private commission sculpture pieces that reflect the beauty and uniqueness of the areas they reside. Contact us today to learn how you can benefit from public art.

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