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EG Structural's Eric Garcia standing in front of his Tulsa Route 66 sign

Concepts to Design: How Eric Garcia Turns Ideas into Public Art

The foundation of every large-scale art project is the desire to tell a story. That’s what every public artist strives to do in every one of their projects. Eric Garcia, EG Structural’s founder and artist, believes creating large-scale art pieces is a truly rewarding experience, especially for communities who invest in installations to beautify their properties. 

EG Structural constructs public art installations that invoke a response. We capture the unique qualities of a community and memorialize them through fine art. In partnership with custom fabrication professionals, Eric is happy to highlight your identity with an intricate design. Learn how he brings ideas and concepts to life through attractive installation pieces. 

Everything Begins with Planning

Just like with any art piece, planning ensures the project goes off without a hitch. It is during this stage that EG identifies key components of your brand and what exactly you are looking for in your large-scale art commission. 

We conduct extensive research into your brand; looking into your history, location, local amenities, and other unique characteristics of your community. Once we compile these details, we hand them off to Eric to work his magic.

It’s not uncommon for us to have a concept already in mind for certain projects. But to truly connect with your brand, we use our research to help us add elements associated with your community. 

Eric Garcia Understands Proportion and Scale

One of the basic principles of constructing sculpture pieces is utilizing proportions and size. Sometimes it’s necessary to adapt the proportions of the piece to suit its position to the viewer. Imagine looking at a sculpture high on a building. The piece will likely be made large on the upper part of the structure to ensure it reduces foreshortening.

Additionally, the scale of the sculpture needs to be considered in relation to its surroundings. When it’s located inside a building, it needs to fit the area it resides in. When it comes to open-air sculptures (art installations that are located outside), you need to take into account that they’ll appear less massive than in the studio.

Once We Have Something Conceptualized, Eric Will Seek Feedback

After Eric has finished conceptualizing the art installation, he’ll present it to you and your community to gauge if it fits what you are looking for. This is extremely important to us, as we strive to create public art pieces that resonate with everyone. So, every bit of feedback helps create something worthwhile for you.

For example, when we were creating our Roswell, New Mexico signs, we heavily encouraged city officials and residents to give us their opinion during town hall meetings. Because of this, we were able to identify elements that needed tweaking and gain a better understanding of what people would like to see as they enter the town. This allowed us to create something that would truly resonate with anyone who stops to admire the Welcome signs. 

EG Structural is Open for Corporate and Government Commission Projects

At EG Structural we have a passion for creating projects that inspire. For over 25 years, Eric Garcia has provided strong conceptual design to develop timeless public art projects that embody the spirit of our clients. Whether they’re a corporate entity or a municipality, we see what makes them special and design a sculpture that highlights their exceptionality. 

If your organization is looking for a private commission sculpture piece, contact EG Structural today and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible!

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