The chicago bulls MJ statue public art outside United Center

When Two Worlds Collide: Sports and Public Art

Municipalities and commercial buildings aren’t the only ones investing in public art installations. Sports organizations and arenas have been enlisting in the creative minds of public artists to craft art pieces that energize their fans. But, what exactly goes into creating art for sports organizations, and what are its benefits?

At EG Structural, it is our mission to bring your unique personality to life with incredible art. We’re founded on the principle that functional art can exhibit the incredible identity behind the communities and commercial properties where they stand. The power it has on our communities is tremendous and can help elevate your branding to a whole new level. Read our blog post below to learn how public art can energize one’s sports organization. 

What Exactly is Public Art?

While there isn’t a clear definition of exactly what it is, public art is a reflection of how we see the world. It’s a community identifier that highlights what makes a business, community, or one’s history so unique. It can be big or small, abstract or realistic, carved, cast, or assembled; there are no rules to creating a piece of art that demands attention. The only requirement that public art must follow is that it is public. Meaning, it should be made to engage with the community. 

Think of some of the most astounding sculpture pieces in the United States; Cloud Gate, LOVE Philadelphia, The Wall Street Bull, etc. They capture the imagination of the public and create a one-of-a-kind experience for people who interact with them.

How Does Public Art Relate to Sports?

Believe it or not, art can be found in almost every corner of life. It doesn’t matter what you’re into, art probably isn’t too far behind it. In fact, sports and art aren’t that different.

Much like art, sports is a highly visual activity that not only energizes viewers; it inspires them. One could argue that the athleticism of many athletes and how they move is an art form in itself. It’s not uncommon for organizations to commemorate certain achievements, athletes, and team history with incredible displays of public art. 

Look at the Michael Jordan statue inside of the atrium of the United Center in Chicago. When Jordan retired from the Chicago Bulls after the 1992-1993 NBA season, the Bulls owner Jerry Reindorf commissioned Omri and Julie Rotblatt-Amrany to construct a bronze statue to commemorate an athlete that transcended the sport of basketball. Today, the statue holds a special place in the heart of Chicago and basketball fans around the world. It attracts visitors and is heavily used in celebrations when the Bulls or Chicago Blackhawks succeed. 

A New Approach to Public Art in Sports

Recently, the NBA’s Golden State Warriors moved to their new arena at the Chase Center in San Francisco. The new building is chock full of modern amenities and high-end concessions. It also features incredible sculpture pieces to heighten the guest experience.

The Chase Center has over 40 pieces of art on display, including pieces from Alexander Calder and Isamu Noguchi, both of which are on an indefinite loan from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

What exactly is the reason for this?

It’s not just to invigorate the fan experience or push the envelope of stadium aesthetics. It’s meant to make the stadiums more attractive for rentals when the home team isn’t in town or during their off-season. The area’s owners and operations hope that they can attract clients looking for big venues to host their events.

EG Structural Proudly Creates Public Art That Resonates

With sports arenas continuing to invest in large-scale art installations, it appears that art and sports will continue to have a loving relationship. With proper funding and excellent designs, organizations can benefit a great deal from excellent pieces of art.

At EG Structural we have a passion for creating projects that inspire. For over 25 years, Eric Garcia has provided strong conceptual design to develop timeless public art projects that embody the spirit of our clients. Whether they’re a corporate entity or a municipality, we see what makes them special and design a sculpture that highlights their exceptionality. 

If your organization is looking for a private commission sculpture piece, contact EG Structural today and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible!

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