The Roswell, New Mexico Welcome Sign Public Art Eg Structural Created

Create Public Art Landmarks That Embody the Heart of Your City

Public art is an incredible economic innovator that generates excitement towards one’s community. It encompasses a wide variety of creative expressions that brings people together through dazzling construction and detail. While some people view public art landmarks are a way to beautify spaces (they’re not wrong), art can be used to initiate civic dialogue and give life to the community identity. Achieving success with an art installation is a challenging task, but it’s worth it in the end.

EG Structural is on a mission to enrich communities with exciting large-scale art installations that drive their economy and beautify their spaces. We’re founded on the principle that functional sculpture pieces can exhibit the incredible identity behind communities and commercial properties. Creating public landmarks has a tremendous effect on what makes our towns special – even when you don’t realize it. Read our blog post below and learn how public landmarks can enrich your community.   

Public Art Landmarks Can Evoke Civic Dialogue

For centuries, people have been designing art that is a response to affairs happening around them. Today is no different; many artists are expressing their frustrations through art. Moreover, it has an astounding effect on the public by engaging them in civic dialogue.

Strategically executed public art can raise awareness towards issues plaguing the community. For instance, art is being used to speak out against racism, environmental degradation, and other social issues. Americans for the Arts highlights the AIDS Memorial Quilt, which features over 70,000 individual quilts that have been displayed on the National Mall in Washington, DC. Not only does it bring an array of color to the space, but it also raises awareness of HIV/AIDS and leverages support for research and education. 

Large-Scale Art Brings Meaning to Communities

Not only does public art bring awareness to important societal issues, but it also raises awareness of a community’s identity. Whether you are looking at their history, people, culture, or geography, every community is unique. As public artists, it is our job to create designs that resonate and highlight the community’s rich history. Doing so results in a deeper pride from residents, and demands the attention of out-of-towners. 

Our Roswell, New Mexico welcome signs were designed to invite travelers to stop and engage with the signage. Additionally, we ensured Roswell residents were equally as enthralled by the sculpture pieces to generate excitement. During the development of this project, we conducted extensive research into the town’s history and incorporated community feedback to gauge residents’ opinions of these landmarks.

Since installing these welcome signs, tourists have made it a point to stop and engage with them. If you jump on social media, you’ll see travelers take selfies in front of the signage and continue to journey through the town. The sign creates a fun, interactive way to bring people into the community while highlighting the town’s unique identity. 

Public Art Landmarks Can Enhance Appreciation for Art

As you may know, large-scale art installations can inspire awe, and draw out deep emotions like happiness, sadness, and anger. Additionally, it can satisfy our appetite for something beautiful and engaging. Art appreciation is in the details, the craftsmanship, and the creative vision and execution of an idea. 

Well-executed public art reveals its meaning over time, influencing repeated visits and greater interest in communities. Additionally, it has the ability to beautify our shared environment and celebrate the things that make us great. Not everyone can visit an art museum or attend a gallery, but public art is for everyone. It’s our job as artists to invite everyone to engage with our pieces. 

EG Structural Has Your Community in Mind

EG Structural develops public art installations that embody a community and attract individuals to the landmark. Moreover, our work will grab the attention of out-of-towners and generate a new source of tourism dollars. We have a passion for public art, and fully believe it can set your city apart from the rest. Contact EG Structural today to learn how our founder and artist, Eric Garcia can help beautify your city.

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