A Metal Fabrication professional forging large scale art piece with a table saw

The Importance of Metal Fabrication in Large Scale Art

When it comes to large-scale art projects, many artists find themselves in need of custom metal fabrication. This is not anything new, as artists have partnered with fabricators for centuries to design, mold, and construct sculptures. While many people may assume it’s a one-man job, public art installations take a village and without expert fabricators, many famous landmarks would not enrich our communities. 

For over 25 years EG Structural has partnered with communities in the United States to construct timeless landmarks that embody the heart of the community. With the assistance of seasoned metal fabricators, we have designed and constructed remarkable relics that will stand the test of time. 

What Metal Fabrication Professionals Do

Metal fabricators provide expert support in bringing artists’ visions to life. They manipulate metal to meet the concept the artist has in mind. This often involves cutting, shaping, positioning, and aligning different metals to form the design. Additionally, they will understand how to assemble the project and ensure the structure’s parts are available and of high quality. 

Metal fabrication experts are there almost every step of the way. They attend development meetings, test for functionality, verify product dimensions, and maintain a production schedule. With their assistance, the artist’s vision is safely and accurately constructed for the public.

How Artists and Metal Fabrication Experts Synergize

Let’s be honest with ourselves, most artists aren’t engineering experts. They’re creative thinkers with wild imaginations and an eye for highlighting the uniqueness of a subject. But, when you combine the expertise of an artist and a metal fabricator, wonderful things happen.

Fabrication pushes the artist’s vision beyond the sheet of paper by supplying the equipment, space, and skills needed to bring sculpture pieces to life. Not to mention they can assist artists in conceptualization and provide an engineering perspective to design concepts. Also, fabricators give the artist more time to conceive and develop ideas for other projects.

One of the most common conversations artists and fabricators have is “How are we going to do?” One of the many benefits of partnering with a metal fabrication professional is their ability to problem-solve. When it comes to public art displays, there are constant hurdles one must overcome to ensure a successful installation. Making the engineering experience paramount in just about any large-scale art project. 

EG Structural Partners with Accomplished Metal Fabrication Experts

For over 25 years EG Structural has conceptualized and designed artistic renderings that have been brought to life due to the hard work of professional fabricators. We take pride in what we do, and it shows in the design, materials, and concepts used in each of our projects. We believe art has the power to bring people together and highlight what makes a city truly special, so why not use unique elements? Contact EG Structural today and learn how we can assist in your art installation.

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