A private art commission sculpture piece by Janet Echelman

Our Guide to Quality Private Art Commissions

From hotels, parks, retailers, office spaces, and so much more, public art installations are attracting people from all walks of life. It beautifies their surroundings and piques the interests of curious onlookers and art enthusiasts. This has resulted in a surge of interest in businesses partnering with public artists on private art commissions that resonate with the public. 

At EG Structural, we work directly with businesses to create sculpture pieces that resonate with the public. Our work has generated a lot of buzz for the communities they’re located in and we couldn’t be more proud. Read our blog post below to learn how to begin your journey in private art commissions.

Understand What Private Art Commissions Are 

Art commissions have had a very special place in our history. From the works of Leonardo da Vinci and Michaelangelo to Anish Kapoor and Janet Echelman, commissions have had a prominent role in the public art world. 

Private art commissions are simply a way for artists to make money through their creative vision. Anybody can hire an artist as long as they’re open for commissions. It’s important to note that not every artist will charge the same rate and many are fairly restrictive in what projects they take. 

Once you find a public artist you like, what’s next?

Provide a Clear Overview of What You’re Looking For

Clients often think the idea of commissioning an artist to work on their installation is intimidating. That’s why it’s our role to guide you through our process to ensure you understand the ins and outs of how everything will work. Forbes perfectly describes the information we share with you upon initial discussions:

  • Contract: All commissions are done under contract and will include basic terms like payment structure, visual references, reproduction and exhibition rights, etc.
  • Prices: We’ll clearly outline our prices for work and break them down based on size and/or style. We will also apply applicable sales tax and shipping costs.
  • Timeline: We’ll discuss a timeline that works for you and add it to the contract details. Additionally, we’ll talk about payment schedules, deadlines for receiving materials, previews, shipping options, and an overall time estimate.
  • Creative Process: We will use your input on what you’re looking for to begin the creative process. During our initial discussions, we’ll inform you on how we manage the creative process such as conceptual designs, research, mock-ups, and software designs.
  • Construction: We’ll inform you of the companies we’ve worked with, where custom fabrication comes into play, and how we’ll bring all the pieces together to create your private art commissions.
  • Installation: We’ll work with you to discuss how sculpture pieces will be installed on your property without creating a dysfunctional environment.

Give Us As Many Details About the Piece You Want 

This will give us a clear idea of what you’re looking for and help us during the creative process. Depending on what you’re looking for, our founder and creative artist, Eric Garcia, will develop concepts based on your information. Additionally, by providing us with specific details, we can avoid any misunderstandings and wasted time in creating private art commissions that are not up to your vision. 

EG Structural is Open for Private Art Commissions

At EG Structural we have a passion for creating projects that inspire. We create timeless public art projects that embody the spirit of our clients and their community. Whether they’re a corporate entity or a municipality, we see what makes them special and design an open-air sculpture piece that highlights their exceptionality. 

If your organization is looking for a private commission sculpture piece, contact EG Structural today and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible!

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