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Proper Funding Helps Public Art Initiatives: But Where Does It Come From?

The cornerstone of any public art initiative is securing adequate funding for its conceptualization, fabrication, and installation. There are a number of ways artists gain financial support for creating a piece of public art, such as public/private sector investment, percent, and non-percent-for-art programs, and developer participation.

Whether you’re a community space or a company, we believe you have a story. At EG Structural, it is our mission to bring it to life. We’re founded on the principle that functional public art can exhibit the incredible identity behind the communities and commercial properties where they stand. Read our article below to learn the ins and outs of proper funding for public art installations.

First, What Exactly Is Public Art?

According to Americans for the Arts, public art is exactly how it sounds. It is art that is located in public spaces. When you think of public art, you might think of some large statue sculpted out of marble or bronze. However, installations can take a wide variety of forms, sizes, and scales that can be made temporary or permanent. Oftentimes, it can interpret a community’s history, its people, and even address social or environmental issues concerning our society. 

Public art can include anything from murals and sculptures to memorials, architectural works, and even new digital media! The possibilities are endless, but they all start with one thing – proper funding.

Where Does Public Art Get Its Funding?

As mentioned, public art installations typically get their funding from public/private sector collaborations, percent and non-percent-for-art programs, and developer participation.

  • Public/Private Sector Collaborations: Public art can find its funding from ongoing, existing local organizations, such as those in government and business, to help design many public spaces like gardens, pathways, recreation areas, storefronts, and many more. Additionally, it’s not uncommon to encourage local museums to loan out art pieces for temporary placement throughout a community.
  • Percent and Non-Percent-for-Art-Programs:  Percent-for-art ordinances guarantee a funding stream for public art projects regardless of what happens to city budgets or arts funding. The policy also guarantees that public art projects will be planned each year, as long as publicly funded capital improvement projects are underway and municipal construction continues. Non-percent-for-art-programs are communities that receive funds through the city’s taxes and revenue. For example, Phoenix, Arizona uses money incurred from the city’s general-purpose fund, public-art funds, state lottery revenue, and regional/federal grants.
  • Developer Participation: Around the country, many private developers are learning that public art spaces can benefit their properties. As a result, many may be willing to invest in an art project to improve their property’s identity, demonstrate civic commitment, and improve employee and tenant satisfaction. 

The Benefits of Public Art Installations: Why You Should Be Funding It

When it comes to creating a community identity, look no further than public art. It has the power to create a display that emphasizes everything unique to one’s home. Whether it honors history, people, culture, or geography, art has a way of bringing out your community’s uniqueness. Additionally, it can satisfy our appetite for something beautiful and engaging. Art appreciation is in the details, the craftsmanship, the creative vision, and the execution of an idea. 

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce and the President’s Committee on the Arts, 35.3 million adults say art or a cultural related event influences their choice of destination. This creates a huge opportunity for municipalities to invest in public art installations to invigorate tourism in their cities. 

EG Structural Creates Sculpture Pieces That Resonate

At EG Structural we have a passion for creating projects that inspire. We create timeless public art projects that embody the spirit of our clients and their community. Whether they’re a corporate entity or a municipality, we see what makes them special and design an open-air sculpture piece that highlights their exceptionality. 

If your organization is looking for a private commission sculpture piece, contact EG Structural today and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible!

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