Cloud Gate or "The Bean" in Millennium Park in Chicago with visitors looking at the large scape public art

3 Incredible Ways Public Art Beautifies and Unifies Your City

One of the most effective ways to beautify and build pride in a city is by incorporating public art installations into your infrastructure. More and more cities are trying to figure out how to generate interest from locals and out-of-towners. As a result, they’re turning to artists and custom fabrication professionals to develop engaging public art pieces to revitalize areas and encourage tourism. 

Urban renewal, green spaces, public art, all are becoming critical strategies in the town’s revitalization initiatives. At EG Structural, we’ve assisted municipalities in developing large-scale art sculptures that become a part of their beautification plan and a part of their identity. Here is what we’ve seen with the projects that we’ve been a part of.

Public Art Can Build a Public Identity 

One of the problems many cities are facing is the loss of residents due to their relocation. This can be caused by several factors, like the job market, livability, and the environment. But, another reason may be because of a lack of interest in the city itself. 

Public art has an incredible way of resonating with communities and enthralling resident’s attention. Oftentimes, public art installations incorporate elements that relate to the city’s history or attributes to evoke their emotions. When we began designing our Tulsa Route 66 monument we knew we had to incorporate elements that inspire perseverance. 

Take a look at other famous modern sculptures and how they reflect their city’s identity. When you visit ‘Cloud Gate’ or more commonly known as ‘The Bean’ in Chicago, it literally reflects what the city is all about. You can stare at it for hours, looking at the surrounding skyscrapers and Chicagoans hustling by. It’s designed to inspire you and reflect what the city is all about in a unique way. 

Art Can Build a Sense of Community

If you’ve ever paid a visit to Phoenix, you might have noticed the abundance of murals that grace the buildings downtown or brick fences in developing neighborhoods. These pieces have enabled artists to express their creativity while attracting people to these blooming cityscapes.

Whether it’s a large-scale art sculpture or mural, art has the power to bring people together. Additionally, it creates a welcoming environment that invites people to walk through the neighborhood and discover new art and sculpture pieces. Moreover, it invites people to engage with community members, local businesses, and feel like they’re a part of something bigger than themselves. 

Excite Tourism with Engaging Public Art

Think about it, when people travel, what kind of places do they visit? According to the U.S. Department of Commerce and the President’s Committee on the Arts, 35.3 million adults say art or a cultural related event influences their choice of destination. This creates a huge opportunity for municipalities to invest in public art installations to invigorate tourism in their cities. 

Once the public art piece is installed, communities can use innovative ways to encourage tourism towards their installations. Many cities are incorporating art walks, after-dark tours, and putting marketing towards their landmarks. Additionally, partnering up with local organizations creates unique opportunities for people to encounter art and engage with local businesses. 

Beautify Your Community With EG Structural’s Artistic Expertise

One of the greatest things a municipality can do in its beautification initiative is to partner with an artist. EG Structural develops public art installations that embody what a community is about and attract individuals to the landmark. Moreover, our work will grab the attention of out-of-towners and generate a new source of tourism dollars. We have a passion for public art, and fully believe it can set your city apart from the rest. Contact EG Structural today to learn how our founder and artist, Eric Garcia can help beautify your city.

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