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3 Ways Custom Fabrication Shapes Public Art

Think of some of your favorite large-scale art installations. How did the artist construct such an incredible hulk of beauty? Custom fabrication. For thousands of years, artists have utilized assistants and professional fabricators to forge their designs into reality. Today, communities and artists alike rely on custom fabrication professionals to construct quality art installations that generate public interest and revenue.

EG Structural has been designing large-scale art pieces for communities and commercial properties for over 25 years. We’re proud to work with incredibly skilled fabrication engineers to bring our ideas to reality. They’re the unsung heroes of our field and we’re happy to share how they shape public art.

Custom Fabrication Calls for State-of-the-Art Methods

In today’s technological world, fabrication engineers are utilizing incredible innovations to bring artists’ designs to life. Additionally, they’re knowledgeable in the best techniques to efficiently construct an artistic landmark. It’s not uncommon for custom fabrication professionals to use computer graphics, computer-aided engineering software, and geometry and object modeling to develop curve, surface, and object representations. 

When it came to our Tulsa Route 66 monument, we relied heavily on the expertise of fabrication engineers. The design incorporated large loops that surround the giant Tulsa Route 66 sign. Additionally, it called for several features like lighting fixtures, counter-weights, and other features that can withstand harsh weather conditions. The assistance we received from the fabricator is instrumental in the monument’s longevity and overall structural integrity. 

Fabrication Engineers are Problem-Solvers

According to Art Work Archive, most projects begin with “how are we going to do this?”. This is a question every public artist will ask themselves as they design their large-scale art piece. Fortunately, when you partner with custom fabrication engineers you’re provided with the support and knowledge needed to effectively erect gorgeous structures. 

We’re artists, we know how to conceptualize and design a project. We’re not engineers. That is why fabrication engineers are paramount in the installation process. They’ll know how to construct the monument and the best way to install it to secure structural integrity.

When it came to our Village of Los Lunas Welcome signage, custom fabrication was key. Because the off-ramp where the signs are located is elevated, the foundation was not a natural landscape. After testing the soil to determine its strength and depth, we had our fabricators construct and place a counterweight to the 22-foot high monument. 

Custom Fabrication Involves Imagination and Innovation

We already mentioned that fabrication engineers are problem-solvers. They’re also very in-tune with the artists and creatives they work with. In order to bring our concepts to life, they work directly with us to figure out what engineering pieces need to be added to secure a quality piece. They’ll work with us to figure out how the art installation will function and how it is actually built. This involves an open mind and the ability to come up with ways to make the installation larger than life.

EG Structural Turns Ideas into Reality

A design means nothing without the help of custom fabrication engineers. They’re an incredible asset to the public artist and must secure the longevity and integrity of the structure. Whenever we work on a large-scale art project, we look to them for their knowledge and experience.

EG Structural is fortunate to have partnered with several wonderful individuals to design public art that highlights their unique communities. We combine intense research, strong conceptual design, custom fabrication, and engineering expertise to develop landmarks that inspire engagement. We help build an identity that exhibits what it means to be a part of a community. Contact us today to learn about our expertise and how we can help boost your identity.

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