The Company

EG Structural, operating in Arizona and New Mexico, was founded on the principle of creating functional public art and relics that reflect the stories of the communities in which they are located. We set forth to design and construct monuments that stimulate the economic development of a city.

During the initial concept phase, we work with individual communities and government agencies to develop an identity for the structure that forms from the history of the surrounding area. This process allows us to move into the creation phase where the ideas come to life from sketches and renderings. Once the final designs are approved and placement for the structure(s) have been set, our team moves forward, working with skilled fabricators and engineers that forge the final product.

The Artist

The foundation of every project is the desire to tell a story through visual design. In every project, we seek out the aspects that make it unique and truthful. Once a universal truth is captured in a work of art it becomes timeless. Using this principle, whether we are designing community public art or wayfinding and monument relics, we strive for each unique piece to create a lasting visual experience for the observer.